About us

MDC always strives to "build novel medical "cloud sharing" platform" as its goal

Beijing Medi-cloud Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MDC) is an innovative high-tech medical enterprise. The company's business areas include medical equipment leasing, department development, overall solution provision, and medical equipment and produces sales.

MDC has always strived to "build the first ‘medical cloud sharing’ platform", and innovatively introduced the concept of "cloud sharing" in the IT industry into the medical field. This innovative model not only allows more domestic patients to enjoy better medical services as soon as possible, but also more in line with the country's current requirements for building a resource-intensive society and vigorously developing the sharing economy.

MDC's innovative operating method helps to solve the problem of shortage of medical resources and uneven distribution

In recent years, with the continuous development of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the public's attention and investment in their own health has also increased. According to statistics from relevant departments, in recent years, the annual growth rate of China's per capita medical expenses has been 14.33% -18.24%, far exceeding the growth rate of China's per capita GDP. Increasing medical investment has also enabled more hospitals to develop. But this has not changed the status quo of the uneven distribution of our medical resources, and the medical resources enjoyed by second- and third-tier cities are far less than those of first-tier cities. But most of our population is still concentrated in second- and third-tier cities, which has caused the difficult hospitalization in large hospitals of large cities, while others are not. MDC's innovative operating model can help to solve this problem. MDC connects to equipment suppliers and hospitals. The "cloud sharing" model allows more hospitals to have more advanced medical technology with the medical equipment comparable to the large hospitals offered by MDC, and help to solve the current uneven distribution of our medical resources to benefit local people.

2017 MDC2.0 network system will be launched

After more than two years of exploration, MDC has achieved gratifying achievements, but our continuous pursuit of perfection will not stop. In 2017, the MDC2.0 network system will be launched online. Under the new network system model, MDC will be more closely connected with hospitals and patients, the response speed will be faster, the operating model will be more convenient, and more in line with today's medical demand.

Overthrow the tradition, and lead the industry

MDC offers the occupations that can bring you not only opportunities but also glory. Working here will be different from any job you have been in the past. Here, you will be in contact with and keep pace with the development of the advanced medical technology, feel the charm of medical progress, and personally bring them to patients in need. Here, there is boundary of thinking if you are bold to take actions; there is no development limitations, only to constantly break out of your own shell. Here, there will be no ceiling that hinders your development, no stumbling block that will hinder your progress, and some will have more professional skills training, greater development space, a broader development platform, and better career development prospects. Join us and you will find yourself different! !

MDC is a young team with lofty ideals. We hope to be able to change the current situation of uneven distribution of medical resources in China through our own strength. We are eager to bring high-quality medical services to more grassroots people through our own efforts, and even "the hope of life". We are tradition-breakers, and we lead the industry.

Increasingly enterprising, constantly innovating, and benefiting the people!

Increasing progress and continuous innovation are the common concepts and constant pursuit of MDC people. In the future, MDC will continue its efforts to provide more patients with better medical services for the benefit of the Chinese people.